Product Overview

Hoishi’s optical transceivers sit at the heart of today's Internet and telecommunications revolution.

With the capacity to transform digital data into light channel signals, these hi-tech components facilitate information transfer at speeds 100 to 1000 times the rate of conventional Internet connections. This allows very large files, such as HD videos or business data from an entire corporation, to be downloaded in seconds, rather than hours.

Signifcant Performance

More significantly, Hoishi’s transceivers – GBIC's, SFP's, SFP+'s, CFP, XENPAK's, X2's, and XFP's – are now engaged as the centerpiece relay in thousands of routers and switches in almost every network data infrastructure performing around the world. This means that corporations and businesses, academic and research institutions, and community and governmental agencies—anyone relying on rapid data transfer, high-speed Internet and data-rich telecommunications—depend on the benefits of Hoishi’s optical transceivers.

While many companies sell, re-sell, and distribute optical transceivers, only a handful of companies have the capabilities to produce the range and quality of Hoishi’s component line.


Hoishi’s single-product specialisation allows us to explore and exploit cutting-edge research, best practice manufacturing, and uncompromising dedication to our clients. We produce high quality, compatible versions of all name-brand transceivers, surpassing any competitor in the market for performance, precision and pricing.