Why Us

We understand the challenge of network expansion and upgrade. Purchasing vendor branded optical transceivers and cables can take up a large portion of your technology budget. We can guarantee 100% compatibility at a fraction of the cost against leading vendor branded parts. Products are tested in the target system prior to shipping. We usually ship within 24 hours of purchase order receipt. Included is a limited lifetime warranty.

Vendor branded optical transceivers & cables are expensive and are not made by the vendors themselves; instead they use contract manufacturers to build, assemble and package industry standard parts for them. Why spend 80%+ more when you can purchase direct from Hoishi?

Testing & Coding

Not only are our optical transceivers and cables put through a rigorous testing procedure, each part is coded in our laboratory. All network transceivers and cable assemblies are programmed to the exact OEM specification. We pride ourselves on our strong technical background, with years of experience in programming and coding specialist custom parts.


Products are compliant with to TUE, CE, FCC, UL and RoHS.